Do You Blame Magic Fans For Giving Kyrie Irving A Standing Ovation?

The Orlando Magic had been one of the top rated defensive teams in the NBA since the All Star Break but you wouldn't know it judging by what happened at Amway Center on Tuesday night against the Brooklyn Nets. After giving up 48 first quarter points to the Nets and 41 first half points to Kyrie Irving specifically, the Magic were boat raced by Brooklyn 150-108.

Kyrie Irving capped out at 60 points, passing Deron Williams's Nets record for points in a game. As he checked out with eight minutes left, he was given a standing ovation on the road despite it being somewhat of a mixture of "Nets fans" and Magic fans.

In the podcast clip below, Kravitz and I discuss whether it is acceptable or not to give an opposing player a standing ovation in your home arena.

Brooklyn Nets v Orlando Magic

Photo: Getty Images

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