Former Gator Major Wright Says Urban Meyer Was "Not A Man Of His Word"

Former Gators, Bears, and Bucs Safety Major Wright joined "In The Zone" today and spoke with Brandon Kravitz about his cause "Good Deed Tuesday" as well as his playing days at UF. The former Gator was not surprised when asked about Urban Meyer's exit in Jacksonville. Major Wright mentioned that Coach Meyer was "not a man of his word."

Our segment with Major Wright can be heard in the podcast clip below.

"Good Deed Tuesday is a comic-style book for the kids. This book is meant to inspire kids and teach them about compassion, kindness, and the importance of doing good deeds! The main character of the book, Mr.Good Deed Tuesday (aka Mr.GDT), is a superhero who gains his strength and power from helping others. He looks just like me because his character was inspired by how great I felt when I started doing good deeds! Here is the link for pre sales they are limited available, we have merchandise for your kids and you as well. Thank you for the support!"

Florida v Mississippi State

Photo: Getty Images

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