Kravitz Ranks His Top 5 "Number Two's" In NBA History

In the NBA, you have your alpha dogs that ultimately dictate the league but every great player needs a "Number Two" to accomplish big picture goals like winning a ring. In honor of it being 2-22-22, Brandon Kravitz made a Top 5 List of "Number Two's." The segment can be heard in the podcast clip below.

5- Joe Dumars- Isiah and Joe made up one of the best backcourts in NBA history, but there’s no denying who the Alpha was in this situation. Isiah is hands down one of the best guards in NBA history, but it was the pairing of him and Dumars that helped make the Bad Boy Pistons champions. And in fact, Dumars was the better 3-point shooter, he won a finals mvp, and he was an all-nba defensive selection 5x.

4- Pau Gasol- Kobe Bryant’s early years you could’ve debated who was the 1-A with him and Shaq, but later on, there was no debate. By the late 2000’s, it was Kobe’s team, and they actually won back to back titles with Kobe as the 1 and Pau as the 2. He’s a must-have on this list.

3- Tony Parker- 4x NBA Champ, 2007 Finals MVP, he was all-class on the court and was one of the constants for nearly 20 years on the Spurs. He was a pest and is often forgotten about when we talk about the all-time greats, but he was a winner through and through.

2- Klay Thompson- We probably don’t talk enough about how he’s one of the top 5 shooters in NBA history, but that’s only because his #1 is #1. But the Splash Bros don’t exist without Klay Thompson, he’s as much a part of this phenomenon the Warriors have created as anyone else. But, I don’t think he could be “the guy” if called upon.

Number 1! Scottie Pippen- The prototype #2 in NBA history, couldn’t carry a team on his own, but was always rock solid by MJ’s side. Defense, rebounding, scoring, he could do it all. But he was more passive and lacked the leadership to be a true 1. Perfect #2 and he’s one of the greats of all time because of it.


Photo: Getty Images

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