Does James Harden Put Philly Over The Top?

The writing had been on the wall for the last few weeks and now it is official, the Nets and Sixers made a blockbuster trade headlined by James Harden and Ben Simmons. Rarely do you see two playoff caliber teams make a deal of this magnitude during the middle of the season but this was a unique circumstance considering Simmons was done as a Sixer. It was only a question of where Simmons would be traded and what the Sixers would get back in return. Since James Harden made his preference about his future known to Nets management, this allowed for this move that ultimately benefits both franchises. The Nets get younger and the Sixers get a star to replace Simmons who wasn't even with the team.

Our conversation about the NBA Trade Deadline can be heard in the podcast clip below.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Brooklyn Nets

Photo: Getty Images

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