STEFAN: The Overtime Rules Are Fine. STOP IT!!

Why? Why is everyone running around the interwebs claiming we should change the overtime rules in the NFL?

I know why. It's because the Bills never got a chance to run their offense. But you know what they could've done? They could've stopped the Chiefs. This argument bothers me because it further perpetuates the idea that casual sports fans have, defense doesn't count. And over the years, the NFL has support this concept in everyway possible.

They already changed overtime once. Now we want them to change it again?

Please no.

Let's instead teach hold teams accountable to playing defense. It's DEFENSE that wins championships. And if your defense can't stop the other team from marching down the field for a touchdown, you probably don't deserve to give your offense a chance at the ball.

This is one place where the NFL is not giving participation trophies. This is where the NFL acknowledges there are three sides to the ball, offense, defense, and special teams. They all count.

We've watched teams all season long, play in overtime and stop the offense of the other team over and over again. Let's stop acting like "iT's nOT fAiR!" Stop being whining little kids. STEP UP AND PLAY DEFENSE!

...and quit your crying.

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