Nets Assistant Coach Fined $10K, Team Fined $25K for Interference

The wild part about what you're going to see, is the refs didn't catch it. Most likely because they never expected to have to watch for anything like this. But it's crazy. Nets assistant coach David Vanterpool has been fined $10,00 for reaching out during the play on the court to tap the ball away from the opposing player.

The Nets then grabbed the ball and went down the floor. This play was officially rules a turnover in a game the Nets won, BY ONE POINT!

The Wizards players argued the play at the time, but nothing was changed or reversed.

Take a look...

Ultimately the NBA fined both the coach and the team for the incident.

The real question though is, with a technical foul, two shots, and the ball out of bounds, would the Wizards have pulled off the win?

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