Jalen Suggs Returns to Practice with Magic

According to Dan Savage, the Magic are taking a step forward toward getting a the team back to full power. Savage reports that Jalen Suggs has returned to practice with the Magic.

Suggs, who had suffered a fractured right thumb in action weeks back against Philadelphia had been in deep in the rehab process each day and hoped to return as quickly as possible. Some minor setbacks and an abundance of caution caused him to be out just a little longer than expected, but Tuesday he got back in the rotation join the team in practice.

Suggs had missed 19 games and more importantly missed some valuable time on the floor to get experience, understanding, and game awareness. And above all, he's missed time to create cohesion with his draft classmate Franz Wagner.

Apparently during his time off, Suggs has buffed up a little. Head Coach Jamal Mosley said, “He’s grown physically, changes in his body, he’s used this time off very well.”

Now, just one more step to take... from practice to back in the game.

Can't wait to see Suggs back on the floor.

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