Wait What?! Brian Flores Joins Head Coach Carousel

They call it black Monday. The end of the NFL season always signifies the release of a few head coaches that haven't produced up to the expectations of their franchises. And like with most years, there are some names that were expected. But this time around there is a HUGE surprise on the list.

Vic Fangio- fired by the Denver Broncos

Matt Nagy- released by the Chicago Bears

Mike Zimmer- fired from duties with the Minnesota Vikings

Brian Flores- fired by the Miami Dolphins.

Out of all these names the biggest surprise is BY FAR is Brian Flores of the Miami Dolphins. Although the Dolphins had a terrible start to the season. Their franchise quarterback was hurt for most of that time and although it was undesirable, it was understandable. They then went 8-1 for the remainder of the season and became the first team to ever follow a 7 game losing streak with a 7 game winning.

Nobody expected the Dolphins to get rid of Brian Flores. Especially after a season sweep of the New England Patriots.

It will be super interesting to see where the team goes from here. We're all positive that Flores will have a job soon, probably before the super bowl. And the Dolphins, unless they grab a BIG NAME COACH, is back even deeper into rebuild mode than previously thought.

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