Should the Bucs Go Ahead and Cut Antonio Brown?

Bruce Arians told us that Antonio Brown is no longer a Buc. But that's not really true.


Cuz as of this writing, 3 days after he walked off the field mid-game, Antonio Brown is still on the Bucs roster. And it looks like that will remain the case unless the team can find a way to waive him and still keep him from joining another playoff contending team. And yes, another team would absolutely pick AB up in an effort to bolster their receiving core on the way to a super bowl run.

Some say it's procedural, but either way it's intentional.

According to the Washington Post, the Bucs started conversations with the league on Jan 3rd, looking for ways to make sure Brown doesn't get hired anywhere else. One option is for the team to suspend him for the rest of the season, but not actually cut him from the team.

The fact is Brown had 42 catches for 545 yards and four touchdowns in seven games this season. All that was with an ankle injury and being suspended 3 games for faking a vaccination card. Their worry is he could do the same for another team in the 4 games left before the Super Bowl.

We wouldn't be surprised if AB remains a Buc through the end of their playoff run.

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