A Recap of Urban Meyer's Tenure in Jax!

So let me first say, this isn't all my list. I tried to collect as much as I could. But this was inspired by a list I found on twitter. But I thought it important to recap all the things that led to Urban Meyer being dropped as Head Coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Check out this semi-detailed history...

The History of Urban Meyer with the Jags!

#1 - Urban hired Chris Doyle as the team's director of sports performance. Doyle later resigned after tons of backlash from a long history of racist comments and belittling players.

#2 - Signed Tim Tebow as a tight end during the preseason.

#3 - Drafted a running back in the first round while still having James Robinson on the roster, a RB who had produced big for the team.

#4 - Openly admitted that Travis Etienne was not the draft pick they wanted and told the world he really wanted Kadarius Toney.

#5 - Was subject to an NFLPA investigation after telling reporters that he cut players from the team based on their vaccination status.

#6 - Declared an open competition for the starting QB job between Trevor Lawrence and Gardner MInshew splitting valuable time for the #1 draft pick in the NFL. Minshew was later traded.

#7 - Decided not to travel with the team after a week #4 loss to Cincinnati.

#8 - After not travelling with the team, viral videos were released of Urban in an intimate setting with a woman other than his wife.

#9 - Reports emerged that he called his coaches "losers" after having an open locker room fight with Marvin Jones.

#10 - Benched James Robinson.

#11 - Former Jags kicker goes on record to say that Meyer kicked him in the leg and told him he was a "dipsh*t".

#12 - Oh yea, and the team's record is 2-11.

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