STEFAN: Fire Brian Flores!!!

That's what you all wanted right? You wanted him gone!

It was mid october. The Dolphins were in the midst of a VERY rough patch in their season. Their star quarterback was out with an injury and they were walking straight through a 7 game losing streak, with a couple close calls. Things were looking bleak. Rumors were swirling around about getting rid of Tua. And Dolphins fans were having flashbacks.

So what became the easy narrative coming out of the mouths of nearly every Dolphins fan??

Fire Brian Flores!

Don't believe me? Take a look....

It was EVERYWHERE!! Fans, bloggers, news, radio... they were all calling for the same thing. Brian Flores on a platter.

Then, Tua returns to the team.

The trade deadline passes, so no more talk of trading for Deshaun Watson.

And suddenly the Dolphins are in the middle of a 5-game winning streak. With some people predicting they can WIN OUT the rest of the season and go 9 games straight into the playoffs.

Now, I'm not nearly willing to be that generous with my predictions. But I do believe the Dolphins can beat the Jets, Saints, and possibly the Patriots to end the season. (the Pats hate playing in Miami in December) If they finish the season 7-2, do we still want to fire Brian Flores?

And THIS is why the people in charge don't make snap decisions based on emotional fan bases.


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