The Patriots Are #1 - HOWWWW Did We Let This Happen?

The Bills had ONE job!!!

The Ravens had ONE job!

We only got a single year of bliss. ANd during that time we all fell in love with Tom Brady and turned our ire to Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. It was such an easy transition. Brady goes to Tampa, finds himself a new life, he becomes funny, and engaging, and almost america's favorite QB. On the other side, The Patriots struggle, Belichick stays set in his ways, he's grumpy and antagonistic and we all point our fingers at New England and say, "You were the problem."

And all was happy in the world.

Brady won a Super Bowl. We all laughed at him being drunk at the parade. The world adapted and moved on.

And then 2021, the Patriots started the season 2-4 and we looked like we were in store for a continuation of this juicy goodness where the Pats sucked! Then Belichick and his brand new shiny "Tim Brody" started winning games.


We're right back where we started. The Pats have won 7 straight games using tact, strategy, and defense as their core values. And here we are. Mad again!

Ugh. Thanks Obama!

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