Give Greg Anthony a Job with the Magic TODAY!!!

We don't know what caused it. We don't know when it became official. But some time a couple weeks ago, NBA legend Greg Anthony went Magic Fanatic and started tweeting about Cole, Franz, and the team as a whole. And you know what??


Give this man a job in the Magic front office today! He doesn't have to have an official NBA team job. Give him one of those coaching consultant positions.

Just after thanksgiving we saw a retweet of an interview with Markelle Fultz. Huh? Where did that come from. Then on Dec 1st he dropped a shoutout to the team in a win. And the epic firestorm rant ending with the declaration that he loves the team!

Having a proponent like this on the team is invaluable. We don't care what the position is. Magic brass... Give Greg Anthony a job now.

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