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Time for my Stone-Cold Locks of the week –Coming off the hottest week I’ve had to date. 5-0 against the spread, feeling mighty confident, almost too confident, I’ll try and contain myself, but I’ve got games on top of games. Record this season before we get going: 38-39.

throw away the keys – let’s lock ‘em up!

*All spreads reflect the current line as of this morning on the illegal HardRock Sportsbook

Utah (-2.5) vs Oregon- How about a Friday night special for ya?! Pac 12 title game, this one is as simple as it gets. Sometimes when someone tells you who they are, believe them. Oregon has already told us they can’t run with Utah and I’m going to believe them. The first contest 2 weeks ago was over at halftime. 28-0 before the 3rd Q even started. Oregon was dominated from pillar to post, and they didn’t even turn the ball over. Utah’s running attack and their ability to stop the run is the difference here. I’ll take the Utes -2.5. Lock it up.

Bama (+5.5) vs Georgia- Look I know I said yesterday that Georgia was going to smash, but sit back and really think about this. Alabama, with Nick Saban, and all that talent, in a big game situation…you really think they’re going to get rolled? It’s been 11 years since Bama has lost to an SEC East team. That’s 33 wins in a row against that side of the SEC. And everyone is picking Georgia. Doubt Saban and the Tide at your own peril, I can’t follow you all into the deep. Give me Bama + the points. Lock it up.

Eagles (-7) vs Jets- Let’s look back @ last week, do we really think this is what these teams are? Jets beat the Texans. Eagles can’t even convert first downs against the Giants…absolutely not. The Eagles are a playoff caliber team and the Jets are only out awfulled by the Lions. Eagles roll in a bounce back. Lock it up.

Broncos (+9.5) @ KC- I don’t get this line at all. The Chiefs have not been a great team and the Broncos seem to show up every week. 9.5 is crazy. The Chiefs are 2-8-1 ATS this year…and their counterpart, Teddy 2 Gloves. 24-5 ATS in his career on the road. I’ll take the Broncos on SNF +9.5 without even having to blink…lock it up.

Steelers (+4.5) vs Ravens- I don’t buy the Ravens one bit. They are my new Titans. Every time I watch them I am less and less impressed and yet…to their credit…they keep winning somehow. But this game should be Ravens -3 at best…I don’t care that TJ Watt is out, I mean it doesn’t help…but its not going to dissuade me…because I’m not betting on the steelers here, I’m betting against the Ravens. Plus, Mike Tomlin, not going to get rolled 2 weeks in a row inside the Steelers own division. I like Pittsburgh to keep it close. Steelers +4.5. Lock it up.

Patriots (+3) @ Buffalo- This is just a treat. Here I get a Patriots team on a 6-game winning streak, against a Bills team off a bye, in snowy snowy buffalo. Fun fact for ya- did you know teams off a bye are terrible this year ATS? 2-9-1. Also, did you the Bills themselves are terrible against teams above .500? 1-3 this year. Also, did you know Bill Belichick thrives as an underdog? 29-14-2 ATS lifetime. Give me the BETTER team plus the points. Pats cover. Lock it up.

Alabama v Auburn

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