STEFAN: Good Riddance Dillon Gabriel, I Don't Wish You Well

We've got to stop this. I understand we don't want to wish ill on any person and ideally we wish everyone well in their "future endeavors". But we've got to stop acting like we don't want someone who wants us. We are all starting to sound like the lover in a toxic relationship that keeps making excuses. AND THIS is why I say good riddance to Dillon Gabriel.

I don't want to see him do well. I hope he crashes and burns and never sees a NFL roster.

I'm being honest.

I know we live in a world where we aren't supposed to care what other people do with their lives. But time and time again, we conveniently forget that their actions affect OUR lives. Maybe not directly. And maybe not even in a manner that matters, I'm mean we're talking about football for goodness sake. But I'm done acting like I really want the guy who used my team as a stepping stone to succeed. I don't.

UCF gave Dillon Gabriel a chance he probably wouldn't have had. UCF gave Dillon Gabriel facilities, and doctors, and coaches, and teammates, and crazy fanatics, and the ability to come fresh, one year removed, from a national championship run. ALL OF THIS CONTRIBUTED TO DILLON GABRIEL'S SUCCESS!!

Let's stop acting like Gabriel is some self-made success story, who showed up to lowly UCF and put them on the map. Dillon Gabriel was going to be a heisman trophy candidate, BECASUE OF UCF. Dillon Gabriel was going to get drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, because UCF set the stage for him. The arrogance of this guy to enter the transfer portal, as if he's going to find a place better "suited" for him is stunning.

I get it, he's got a new coach that wants to run a different style than he's used to. Well show your range as a QB and adjust and continue the winning you started in East Orlando. How dare you try to use UCF and Gus Malzahn to play the last few games of the season so that you could have an audition tape for another school. HELLLLL NAWWWWW!!!

You had one good season as QB sir. ONE! And now you think you're "that" guy. PUUUUULEEEEEEZEEE. Boca Raton Bowl - BYU v Central Florida

Photo: Getty Images

I'm tired of this mentality that says we can't value the team over each individual. I root for the name on the FRONT of the jersey, not the back. And for Gabriel to abandon this team because it's not going the way he wants, is selfish. And HEAR ME WELL... he has every right to be as selfish as he wants, and to put himself into a position where he thinks he can be most successful. But I also have the right to DRAG him for showing no loyalty to the school who embraced him and helped him to launch his brand as a player and a person.

So yea, I don't hope he does well AT ALL. I hope his season looks just like McKenzie Milton's season did this year.

I hope he gets healthy.

I hope he heals fully.

And I hope he ends up selling used cars in southern Idaho somewhere.

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