The Dolphins Can Still Make a Run

It's possible. Not probable. But still possible and Dolphin fans who've been calling for Mike Flores to fired, should be cheering for his success instead. With games coming up against the Jets, Panthers, Giants, Saints, Pats, and Titans, they are in a position to actually make a bit of a playoff run.

Miami is currently 3-7 and could realistically see 4 or 5 in their next 7 games. Can an 8-9 Dolphins team find themselves fighting for a playoff spot? It's possible. But most importantly in all of this... the Dolphins can't afford to tank. The Philadelphia Eagles own the Dolphins first round pick. In fact the only first round pick the Dolphins will have is wherever the San Francisco 49ers end up. That's not promising.

But what will be promising, and save Brian Flores' job, is for the team to take Tua and make a run. With 17 games they can't finish at .500, but even one game under, considering all they've had to deal with this season, could be considered a win. The most optimistic predictions had the Dolphins winning 10 games. Falling two games short of that mark would be a huge achievement for this season.

So if you're a Dolphins fan, get you Phins Up and start cheering your team on. They need a decent finish to keep them from starting over from scratch once again.

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