Updated NFL MVP List Via @BrandonKravitz: Week 10 Edition

Week 10.

Off the list: Cordarrelle Patterson, Matt Stafford, Justin Herbert, Kyler Murray

8- Josh Allen- He’s a specialist at beating up on bad teams, the Bills are 6-3 right now with the largest margin of victory in the NFL. Allen coming off a game where he threw for 366 and 2 scores. I think he’s the odds on favorite in Vegas, I don’t see it, but he’s on the list.

7- Tom Brady- I don’t think the Bucs problems fall on Brady, in fact, I think he’s the only reason they might find themselves out of this mess. Brady is still a statistical wizard, top 3 in touchdowns and passing yards. He’ll need to be on this list if the Bucs are going to have a shot to stay in it at the top of the NFC.

6- Deebo Samuel- Admittedly, took me way too long to get this guy on the list. He’s mister do-it-all for the 49ers. When I saw him lineup at RB last night, I said, alright…this guy is on the MVP list. So versatile and he’s getting it done as a wideout, he’s the only guy even close to Cooper Kupp’s production.

5- Dak Prescott- Easy to sour on Dak after that let down against the Broncos 2 weeks ago, but he bounded back strong – led the Cowboys to a 43-3 win, 296 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a 127 passer rating. Dak is a great leader and he’s got this Cowboys team believing in themselves right now.

4- Ryan Tannehill- He’s not doing anything spectacular but he’s the only QB in the NFL that’s winning consistently right now. Tannehill has now quarterbacked the Titans to wins over the Bills, Colts, Rams, Saints, and Chiefs – they’ve won 6 in a row, and what’s most impressive is, his o-line is actually doing him no favors. RT has been sacked the 4th most in the NFL at the QB position this year.

3- Jonathan Taylor- Now tied atop the league in rushing with Derrick Henry, so with one more yard he’ll take the top spot. Taylor has 200 more yards than Nick Chubb who sits @ #2. JT hasn’t had a game with less than 100 scrimmage yards since September 26th.

2- Cooper Kupp- Kupp is lapping every one else at wide-receiver this season, its kind of comical. He’s the only receiver in the NFL averaging over 110 yards per game, he’s the only receiver with double digit receiving TD’s, and even in a bad game for the Rams last night – he still finished as the 3rd most productive WR of the week.

Number 1!- Lamar Jackson- I’m not even praising him with this selection anymore. He’s had 2 absolute stinkers in the last 3 weeks. I just don’t know who else to put @ #1 and at least Lamar still has this going for him: 9th in passing in the NFL, 7th in rushing. That’s insanity. But one more bad game and he is going to slip and slide down this list. Big game @ Chicago this Sunday @ 1pm.

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars

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