Week 10: Winners and Losers in the NFL via @BrandonKravitz


·Cam Newton- Off the street, eating cereal one day, scoring two touchdowns for the Panthers the next. He had the moment of the weekend, no denying that, and now the Panthers are in playoff position as the current 7-seed. Crazy.

·Titans- I saw this stat today- the Titans have scored 6 TD’s on their first possession of the game or to start the 2nd half. That leads the NFL. They are just so effective and efficient in their approach. They now hold a 2-game lead atop the AFC.

·Bill Belichick- The debate is over, and its not an exciting finish. Brady vs Belichick is a draw. Both have won the divorce. This team is a menace. 6-4 with the talent they have and a rookie QB? This is all good coaching. Bill is a genius, he’s the coach GOAT, no question.

·Chiefs- What a weekend for KC. Not only do they beat the Raiders, but their offense explodes to its old form, and the Chargers lose.

·Fantasy “experts”- I noticed something in the fantasy community these last couple of weeks that was going to unload on today, but it turns out their patience has paid off. Fantasy rankers out there have been terrified to place Mahomes outside of their top 10, despite the fact that he’s been atrocious for fantasy. Well, he proved them right this week. 406 yards 5 TD’s. All of the points.

·Jonathan Taylor- Barring an injury, he’s basically locked up the rushing title. 937 yards on the ground, tied for 1st place with Derrick Henry and 200 more yards than Nick Chubb in 2nd place. Also, his teammate Carson Wentz, his wife didn’t give birth so he didn’t miss anything.


·Seahawks- Looks like they just got bounced from the NFC playoffs. I actually liked them to win this game, solely for the fact that there backs were against the wall. That was their Super Bowl and not only did they lose, they get shutout. 3-6 doesn’t eliminate them, but I don’t like their chances.

·Mike White- Well, you had your chance kid. I don’t think we’re looking at the next Tom Brady here. 24-44, 251 yards, no touchdowns, 4 INT’s.

·Trevor Lawrence- Down by 6 with an opportunity to beat the Colts and pick up win #3 on the season, Lawrence coughs up the ball right @ the 50 yard line. Game over. Would’ve been the moment of his season.

·Tom Brady- 2 of his first 6 passes picked off. Lost his 2nd straight game for just the 2nd time in his career.

·Colin Cowherd- We’re getting to the point where talking about Baker Mayfield for 3 straight hours is going to be bad for business. Aaron Rodgers step right up!

Carolina Panthers v Arizona Cardinals

Photo: Getty Images

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