WATCH: Jimmy Butler to Nikola Jokic: "Bring Your A** to the Back!"

Monday's game between the Heat and Nuggets ballooned into a flurry of shoving and threatening after Nikola Jokic blindsided Markieff Morris with a pummeling shove to the back, throwing the Heat forward to the ground. After Morris' take foul the NBA MVP responded drastically and left Morris on the ground huddled in pain for several minutes.

Which lead to a few choice words exchanged between the two organizations. Take a look below...

Players on the court weren't the only ones jawing back and forth about this incident. Markieff's twin brother Marcus too to twitter to express his displeasure on the event. To which the "Jokic brothers" responded threatening to "be waiting for" Morris if he continued to mouth off on twitter.

Others on twitter, seemed to question the validity of the "Jokic Brothers" twitter account.

Either way, plenty of people had something to say about the incident.

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