Kravitz's Big Winner: AP + Big Loser: Buffalo- See Who Else Made the List!


·AP- His TD run was Peterson's 125th career TD. He tied Walter Payton for 11th in NFL history. Peterson's next TD will tie him with Jim Brown for 10th place all time.

·Titans- They are no longer to be denied, that’s my bad. I was part of the problem. They beat the Rams on the road with no Derrick Henry, I’ve never been more impressed. They now hold wins over the Bills, Chiefs, and Rams.

·Josh Allen > Josh Allen- Jags Josh Allen led the team in tackles, became the 1st player to sack a QB with the exact same name, led the team in tackles for loss, had an INT, and a fumble recovery.

·Justin Herbert- He’s back! They needed this one. Herbs was 32/38 356, 3 total TD’s, and no picks. Most importantly, they won. With a loss it would’ve been 3 in a row…with a win and a Raiders loss, they are again 1st place in the AFC West. Big swing game.

·Ravens- This team plays with fire on a regular basis…but man are they good late. Lamar Jackson 120 on the ground, 3 TD’s, and this team battled back after trailing 17-3 early. 10 play drive in OT with a FG wins it against the Vikings.


·Tua- Again. Tua had an injury in his non-throwing hand and the team decided that they didn’t want him out there. Then they win. He will not be the Dolphins QB next season. Writing is on the wall.

·Bills- I’m sorry…who are you? The Bills looked awful, I mean terrible. And its not like they just ran into the Jags on a good day, the Jags were bad too…and they still lost! How does this happen?! Urban Meyer lucks into his 2nd win and the Bills prove something I’ve been trying to say for years…they are frauds.

·OBJ- The Browns are just better without you. Simple. It seems like every time this guy is off the field Baker Mayfield becomes Joe Montana. All the sudden Donovan Peoples-Jones is going off, the run game is more effective. There’s something about the OBJ component that screws up the entire chemistry of this team. Browns win 41-16.

·Aaron Rodgers- With an opportunity to take the lead in the NFC for the lone bye week in the postseason, they have now fallen behind the Cardinals. A+ leadership. People will write books about his ability to lead an organization…not. Think about it like this, Tom Brady is the KING of treating his body like a temple, and he is vaccinated. What does that tell you?

·Dallas- Umm, just when we were starting to believe in you. The Cowboys have a way of looking like the best team of all time when they’re good and the Jets when they’re bad…and that was with Dak. Broncos were 10x more physical than the Cowboys. Seems like they need to adjust before November football exposes them.

Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images

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