Week 10: CFB Mega-Preview Including 3 Upset Specials and a Gator Focus


Top headlines:

·Anthony Richardson “iffy” for Saturday’s game @ SC

oRichardson was knocked out of Saturday's loss to No. 1 Georgia by a hit to the head/neck area. He was diagnosed with a concussion and sat out practice Monday and Tuesday. I am out on the Emory Jones experience, just not interested anymore, the offense is so bland with him @ QB. I mean, they should be able to win this game either way…but without Anthony Richardson, I don’t know what is supposed to ignite a sleepwalking Gator fan base.

·Lincoln Riley comments on the Gary Patterson firing

oTCU lost to Kansas State 31-12 on Saturday and Gary Patterson was let go immediately after. Patterson spent 20 years @ TCU! Helped them get to the big 12…and now he’s gone.

oOU coach and rival Lincoln Riley was flabbergasted by the decision.

o"Seeing Gary Patterson go out in the middle of the season is just -- I don't know what to think of it, man. I was sick when I heard the news, to be completely honest. I know it's a tough business. Our jobs are scrutinized and we're big boys and can live with big-boy decisions. But man, what he did at that place and to not even finish out the year, I don't know."

·Weird story out of UCLA…

oThis from ESPN.com: UCLA defensive lineman Jay Toia practiced Wednesday after a video of him threatening a group of students inside an elevator during a party on Oct. 31 surfaced online Tuesday.

o"We are aware of the video and we are following university protocols on student conduct," Kelly said.

oToia, a freshman, is shown in the video wearing a UCLA hoodie as he went on an expletive-filled rant threatening to hurt any male or female USC students on campus. He also refused to let the students exit the elevator.

oTheir DC Jerry Azzinaro hasn’t talked to the media since he got to UCLA 4 years ago. And Chip Kelly makes it sound like this was his call to let Toia practice.

o"Yeah, that's Azz's choice. That's his choice on what he wants to do," Kelly said. "I think it's his choice. It's the United States of America -- we're not going to force anybody to do anything

Upset alert:

Liberty (7-2) @ Ole Miss #16 (6-2)- This is a must watch game for me @ noon on Saturday. Here we have 2 of the top QB’s in CFB and 2 of the top QB’s in the 2022 NFL Draft going head-to-head. Matt Corrall vs Malik Willis. And because Malik Willis plays for Libery, I’ve watched barely any of his games. But, anytime you get an electric dual threat QB, you have a chance to pull an upset, so watchout for the Liberty Flames on Saturday. (Spread Ole Miss -9.5)

Clemson (5-3) @ Louisville (4-4)- Here we go with overvalued/overrated Clemson again. Coming into this one as road favorites against a team that is wildly inconsistent in their own right, but they do have Malik Cunningham at QB and the dude is a freak show. UCF fans know this all too well. Cunningham completed 60% of his passes, has a QB rating above 130, and has 556 yards on the ground to go with 13 rushing touchdowns. This is a tough task for a Clemson team that can’t get out of their own way. (Clemson favored by 4.5, game kicks off at 7:30pm)

Michigan State #3 (8-0) @ Purdue (5-3)- Doesn’t this just wreak of a natural let down spot for a classic underachiever in MSU? Purdue is not to be slept on either, they did beat Iowa back when we believed in Iowa. Purdue also possess one of the best WR’s in CFB in David Bell. 6’2 205, very tough cover, 14th best #’s in the nation. Step up to the plate MSU, I’m putting you on upset alert. (MSU -3 kicks off @ 3:30)

In-State Focus:

A lot of yuck in the state this weekend: FSU (3-5) hosts NC State #19 (6-2) 4p, Tulane (1-7) @ UCF (5-3) 4p, Miami (4-4) hosting GT (3-5) with their new flame @ QB Tyler Van Dyke.

But I would like to spend a moment focusing on the Gators @ South Carolina.

Both teams are 4-4, now Florida’s played a tougher schedule, but they’re also falling apart at the seams. The Gators have dropped their last 2, their QB is in concussion protocol, and their coach is dodging media questions about recruiting. It’s a mess right now.

The Gators are 18.5 point favorites in this game and I’m telling you, its way too much. This will be a lock for me this week. I don’t see this team going on the road in the SEC and beating anyone to a pulp. Curious to see how this team responds.

Something to consider: Last year, with a load more talent and momentum, the Gators only beat South Carolina by 14...and that was in Gainesville.

Florida v LSU

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