The Magic Are On The Right Path

As long as we don't get too caught up in win-loss record this year, this should be an enjoyable and low-stress season for Magic fans. This young Magic roster is currently 1-2 after last night's loss in Miami which was the second game of a back-to-back and nobody could match up with Jimmy Butler, who lit up the Magic up for 36 points.

At this juncture, the Heat are not only a better team than the Magic but are also much more experienced. The schedule has been unforgiving for this young Magic team but at some point it will pay dividends. As each game passes, you have to believe that each player will gain more and more experience and confidence which will help them adjust to life in the NBA. I firmly believe Jamahl Mosley is the perfect man for the job. In the podcast clip below, Stefan and I react to last night's loss and what to look for going forward.

Orlando Magic v Boston Celtics

Photo: Getty Images

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