Week 6: Kravitz's Top 8 NFL MVP's!

Week 6.

Off the list: Josh Allen, Justin Herbert

8- Derek Carr- Back on the list for the first time since week 3 and he probably won’t stay on for very long, but you have to give the man the leadership cred for being the man to lead the charge through all of this Gruden drama. The team is 4-2 and in the thick of the AFC West race. Statistically he hasn’t been great the last few weeks, but this goes beyond that.

7- Davante Adams- A-Rod might be the rightful owner of Chicago after their 24-14 win over the Bears, but without Adams, I’m not sure what Rodgers really is this year. Honestly, I’m not even sure he knows that other WR’s play on this team. Adams leads the NFL in receiving yards and has a whopping 43 target lead on 2nd place on his own team. Adams leads the NFL in yards per route run as an outside receiver by a significant margin, dude is on fire.

6- Tom Brady- Cue up the “Tom Brady is 40+ and doing amazing things” graphic. Brady leads the NFL in passing yards, in fact, he’s the first QB to go over the 2k mark this season. I’ve run out of nice things to say, Brady is awesome, the end.

5- Dak Prescott- Up from #8 last week after an impressive road win. 445 passing yards, most ever against a Bill Belichick coached defense. Prescott is playing some great football right now, he’s getting everyone involved, and the Cowboys look like a top 3 team in the NFL. Prescott got 8 different receivers involved in Sundays win over the NE Patriots.

4- Trevon Diggs- A defensive player cracks the top 5 for the first time this year! Diggs has an INT in 6 straight games, including his pick 6 against the Pats on Sunday. How about this- Trevon Diggs has 7 catches 142 and 2 TD’s on the season…Jalen Reagor, the #2 WR in Philly has 17 catches, 140 yards, and just 1 TD.

3- Derrick Henry- You watched the game last night. Do I really need to explain this one? He has over 200 yards on 2nd place in rushing yards and he’s the only RB to score double digits in TD’s already this season.

2- Kyler Murray- Kyler has sparked something special in this Cards team. Only 6-0 team in the NFL and he hasn’t thrown a pick in 3 weeks. Murray is hitting the next level as an NFL QB and its awesome to watch.

Number 1!- Lamar Jackson- I said prior to the season, if Lamar Jackson can crack the top 12 in pass yards, he will run away with the NFL’s MVP award. Right now he’s 9th and the Ravens are flying high after kicking the Chargers right in the teeth. I don’t know what this team is without him, but I know what they are with him. PAY THE MAN!

Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans

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