BREAKING: Ben Simmons Suspended

The return of Ben Simmons has NOT gone well so far. On Tuesday it got even worse. The 76ers suspended Simmons for one game for what is being called "conduct detrimental to the team". Thus, Simmons will miss Philly's season opener (although it was questionable how much he would play).

Coach Doc Rivers threw Simmons out of practice on Tuesday for what was reported as having his cell phone in i=his pocket and being a distraction. Rivers told Simmons he should go home, then the Sixers handed out the suspension shortly after.

Rivers said, "I thought he was a distraction today. I didn't think he wanted to do what everyone else was doing. At the end of the day, as a coach, I had to protect the team. The team [comes] first, and then we get to the other part. So today, I thought it was more important to focus on the team." 

We will update this story as needed.

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