AEW's Paul Wight Shares Stories Of How He Broke Into Pro-Wrestling

On this week's episode of the Brandon Kravitz Podcast, I had a chance to catch up with a real-life Giant, AEW's Paul Wight. AEW is exploding in popularity right now among wrestling fans and Paul Wight chats about why the product resonates so well with fans, what he's up to these days, and the insane crowd reaction CM Punk got when he returned back in August. 

Items discussed with Paul:

  • AEW's explosion in popularity
  • CM Punk's return in August
  • How he broke into wrestling
  • Why "high-spots" can be overdone
  • Paul's Netflix series and how much it means to him
  • A hint at how Paul might be involved in this weekend's show!
Premiere Of HBO's "Andre The Giant" - Arrivals

Photo: Getty Images

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