Tom Brady Bashes ESPN on Twitter

Tom Brady expressed his annoyance with ESPN recently. In what has pretty much become a standard practice for media companies, ESPN took a quote from the star QB, slapped a graphic on it and posted it on twitter (and other outlets).

Lots of media companies do this to highlight whatever a person has said, but more importantly to build content for themselves as a media outlet. The more posts, the better chance someone will see the post.

Problem is, they ticked off the GOAT.

Brady was obviously irritated that the worldwide leader in sports, didn't include a link to the actual podcast. And made it known to those in his twitterverse.

This isn't the first time (and it won't be the last time) that ESPN or any other outlet has done this. In fact, Brady should probably get used to it. Even though, with 32M less followers than ESPNs Sportscenter, it would do great numbers for his podcast, if the included the link.

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