Steph Curry to the Sixers?

Although the Sixer's entire organization should be focused on their advancement through the playoffs, looks like team management is leaving some space to prep some potential moves.

Daryl Morey, President of Basketball Operations for the Philadelphia 76ers sent out a tweet yesterday that seemed to invite Steph Curry to ojin along side his brother Seth with one of the favorites in the eastern conference. Here's how the story plays out...

Golden State Warrior's Steph Curry posted a pic to his Instagram of his brother (76ers gaurd Seth Curry) simply applauding his brother's 30pt performance in the playoffs. Morey saw this post, grabbed a screenshot of it and reposted it to his twitter with the caption "join 'em". See screen grabs of the tweets below.

Morey then immediately dismissed his own tweet, claiming he was only excited to have Seth playing with his team.

Nobody believes that.

Is there any universe where you believe Steph Curry could leave California to become a juggernaut on this Philadelphia team? We'll have to wait and see.

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