UPDATED: NFL Rookie of the Year Odds for 2021

Here we go, another year in the NFL, another crop of tremendous rookie talent. Now, I'm sure you can imagine who is at the top of this list for NFL ROY, but its no sure thing that Trevor Lawrence wins. There are multiple QB's he'll be competing with, and most of them play on better teams. Nevermind the depth of WR talent and the landing spot of the top RB selected in the draft- Najee Harris to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This will be an interesting year as we get to evaluate and break down the top rookies in the league, here's the list of NFL ROY candidates according to the Vegas odds:

1.Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jaguars (+275)

2.Justin Fields, QB,Bears(+550)

3. Trey Lance, QB,49ers(+650)

4. Zach Wilson, QB,Jets(+700)

5.Kyle Pitts, TE,Falcons(+1200)

6.Devonta Smith, WR,Eagles(+1200)

7. Najee Harris, RB,Steelers(+1400)

8.Ja'Marr Chase, WR,Bengals(+1400)

9.Jaylen Waddle, WR,Dolphins(+1600)

10.Rashod Bateman, WR,Ravens(+5000)

full breakdown @ CBSsports.com

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp

photo: getty images

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