STEFAN: Where Did All the Magic Fans Go?

What happened Magic fans? Where did you go? You were loud, excited, obnoxious, and boisterous. But now, it's like you've disappeared.

After the Magic traded arguably their three best players, everyone was excited with our new young team. But now, crickets. It seems that losing still feels like losing no matter who is doing it. A close loss to the Lakers, then back to back wins against the Clippers and Pelicans had Magic fans shouting HOOORAYYY!!! We made the right decision!

Then a 46 point MAULING by the Jazz and Magic fans had fallen to a state of, "Well we are expecting to lose. We actually don't want to win anyway." Follow that up with a 10 point loss to Denver. A loss where ex-magic forward Aaron Gordon puts up 24 points on his old team, and suddenly it's hard to find those Magic fans anywhere.

Now of course, I'm not talking about the tried and true and blue fans. You've been there always, and you weren't as excited about this trade deal and some of the more casual fans seemed to be. But in a place where we had a lot of voices declaring the blue and white way forward, it seems we've lost some of that steam.

It's apparent that losing is losing. No matter whether it's young talent doing the losing, or veterans, losing is all the same. And if it happens long enough and hard enough, people lose interest. I'm guessing that's what has happened to all these Magic fans who are now experts in the NFL Draft, and NCAA Championship, and the Masters.

Come on back peeps!

We might still be losing, but it's different this time remember?

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