Cinderella Season in the NCAA Tourney

There are a lot of teams still fighting their way to the NCAA Final Four. But what's been wild and even scary to watch is the number of low seeded teams who are punching their tickets, defeating teams that are considered powerhouses to the world of college basketball.

As of this writing there are currently at 5+ teams still in it, that were ranked a 10 seed or lower. The lowest seeds still in it are:

Oral Roberts (15)

Ohio (13)

Oregon State (12)

Syracuse (11)

Abilene Christian (14)

And the world is reacting appropriately...

There were even a rekindling of calls to fire the head coach of Florida Gator basketball...

Either way, it's obvious that there is shock running through the system of college basketball fans.

But here's the thing, after a wild weekend where it seems like it's the year of the underdog, we must remember history has a way of repeating itself. And history tells us the higher seed teams will ultimately even the playing field and be the ones to make the cut to the Final Four. While it's fun to watch all these underdogs make a name for themselves, and it's GREAT for these smaller schools in terms of recruiting... the truth is, we're more likely to see teams ranked 6 and higher in the Final Four. And to be honest, it's what you all want.

At least that's what the rating say.

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