Saban Claims The Dolphins Chose Brees Over Culpepper in 2006

Seeing Drew Brees announced his official retirement has brought up some old/bad feeling for Dolphins fans in how they view their organization. But, maybe it wasn't their fault? I've always blamed the Phins for not signing Brees over Culpepper...especially when you consider that one of them (Brees) holds all major statistical records in the NFL and has a Super Bowl ring...and the other (Culpepper) went 1-3 as a starter for the Fish.

But...according to Nick Saban, the Dolphins coach @ the time...Brees was the choice.

“We chose Drew Brees…That’s the guy we made the first offer to,” Saban said onthe Dan LeBatard Showin 2012, according to Bleacher Report.“Quite frankly, he didn’t pass the physical. And we were forced to go in another direction.”

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