247 Sports Panelists Rank Gus Malzahn 2nd Among Florida CFB Recruiters

Gus Malzahn has brought instant credibility to the UCF Knights and this has been backed up by his latest Sunshine State recruiting from 247sports.com panelists. Check out the ranking I found on twitter copied below.

Here's the blurb on Malzahn:

Malzahn has only been in Florida a few weeks, but he still managed to rank second in this poll. That’s easy to understand if you look at Malzahn’s recruiting efforts at Auburn, which saw the Tigers rank no worse than 12th in the Team Rankings between 2013 and 2020. The range of the votes for Malzahn is large as he received a first-place vote and a sixth-place vote from our experts. Overall, five of the seven voters ranked Malzahn within their top 3. More info @ 247sports.com

Oregon v Auburn

photo: getty images

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