LeBron's Availability Might be His Best Ability

LeBron played 43 minutes in an OT loss to the Wizards last night…He played all but 1 minute and 6 seconds in the 4th quarter and OT.

I was looking earlier to see how many games lebron has missed this year, figuring it was one or two, and its none…he has played in 100% of Lakers games, and now he’s doing it without AD…

LeBron’s availability might be his best overall ability

The fact that lebron is basically never hurt and even in a year after being in the bubble and playing more games than anyone else…he’s out there, not just playing every game, but racking up an incredible amount of minutes.

When you consider that LeBron was the last player, or among the last players to stop playing ball when last year's season ended, and then take into account that he's always out there, giving a full effort, he's never hurt, and he's playing at an MVP level. This is a throwback level of grit that we should appreciate WAY MORE than we do.

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers

photo: getty images

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