STEFAN: The Magic's Injuries Have Become Insurmountable

Photo Credit: Getty Images

It's never been tougher to be a Magic fan. In fact, it's probably never been tougher to be a Magic player, coach, support staff member, executive, anything... It's just rough for the blue and white. It's getting worse and honestly, it's time to wrap it up for the season.

It's not that the Magic shouldn't keep playing games for the rest of the season, that's crazy. But the Magic have almost had trouble putting a team on the floor. 4 of the 5 guys in the picture above, are out with extended injuries and not expected back anytime soon.

Even players they have brought up from the G-League to replace injured players, ended up getting injured. Frank Mason played for three games, before he was injured and ultimately waived by the Magic. We all know the Magic are depleted, but just in case you haven't been following along fully, here's who is out for the Magic.

Who's currently injured for the Magic?

According the NBC Sports the following players are on the Orlando Magic injured list:

James Ennis

Al-Farouq Aminu

Cole Anthony

Karim Mane

Evan Fournier

Markelle Fultz

Jonathan Isaac

Aaron Gordon

That's legitimately half a roster. Half of the Orlando Magic roster is injured and some for the entire season. The wheels have officially fallen off this car, and it's time to wrap it up and focus on next year. The team doesn't need to make any trades, there is no reason for adjustments, none of that will help. At this point, just call the season, play the best basketball you can, and try to salvage some play for the fans.

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