Marc Daniels: Super Prop, Halftime Show, SEC Money And Notes

Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49ers v Kansas City Chiefs

Super Bowl props make up more of the entire wagering total than what is bet on the actual game.

So have some fun with these actual props for the game:

-Jersey number of the first player to score in the game: over/under 17.5

-Total combined yards of all field goals made in the game: 115.5

-Combined penalty yards in game for both teams: 80.5

-Tony refers to one of these terms first: read, penetration, blitz, a-gap, trick play

-Color of The Weekend jacket seen first: Red, White, Black, Blue, Purple

-How many times will the chain gang come out to measure for a first down: 1.5

-Longest touchdown in the game: 45.5

The Weekend performs at halftime. His performance will not be on the field but in stands. Here's a look at some of the performers of past games:

Super Bowl I: Arizona and Grambling State Marching Bands

Super Bowl V: Southwest Missouri State Band(I'm not kidding)

Super Bowl XI: A salute to Disney's "It's a Small World"(still not kidding)

Super Bowl XVIII: Florida and FSU Marching Bands(I know, really?)

Super Bowl XXIII: Elvis Presto- a group of Elvis impersonators(You can't make this up)

EA Sports is bringing its college football game back. Don't look for the game until 2023....The SEC announced revenue for the 2019-2020 season. Each school is looking at $45.3 million. That's about $10 million less than Big Ten schools make. Expect the SEC number to get above $60 million in the coming years when the new ESPN kicks in...Clemson offensive coordinator Tony Elliott was rumored to be a name Danny White looked at for the job at Tennessee. He appears to be staying at Clemson for at least the 2021 season. Elliott got a new contract that pays over $2 million per season. Both coordinators at Clemson make over $2 million per season. Yes, that a lot....The Magic signed Frank Mason. I got nothing else for you on this...With all this GameStop news I decided I'm all in on Camelot Music and Taco Viva...I'm still a big fan of the traditional car wash where you sit in the car and get the wash. So fun...When is the last time you used a pencil?...What is six? Number of pillows on my bed. My wife seems to think this is acceptable so it works for me...After ordering deli meat by number of slices, I inspired someone behind me to do the same instead of ordering the meat by weight...

Bonus New York Boys story(see last blog if you didn't read about the New York Boys): Four members of the group left the rest of us midway into the second quarter. They were not trying to beat the beer line at the concession stand. They were off to buy as many shirts and merchandise they could find. Why? Because by the time the second started, many fans didn't want to wait in long lines for food or merchandise. And you guessed it. They started selling the goods inside the stadium to anyone who would buy. They jacked up the price 20-50% and by the time the game hit the fourth quarter, they had sold out of what they bought and made a $600 profit. They may have been crazy, intoxicated and obnoxious but they knew how to make money...

Final thought: Turkey and ham are the most popular sandwiches in America.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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