Kravitz's Final Lock of the NFL Season

A depressing 34-37 on the year. Just trying to add a win to my resume, but a win doesn’t get me to my goal…unless you’re willing to give me an extra point or two…yay, nay…

Here we go! Let’s go Super Bowl style.

Bucs vs Chiefs | Super Bowl LV

Everything in my heart says the Bucs. I admire Tom Brady and everything he’s accomplished and the fact that he’s still doing it at this level, at the age of 43. It’s amazing. It’s outstanding. He’s fantastic and this team is fantastic. 3 great wide receivers, a bonified HOF’er at TE, a pro bowl riddled defense.

Hell, even Playoff Lenny is helping this team succeed as of late (over 300 yards rushing in the postseason)…but the Chiefs, the big bad chiefs come into this game with a nearly unblemished record. Yeah, they went weeks without blowing teams out, but they were bored…we know that. Then they get to the playoffs, and it’s same old chiefs. Beat the Browns with Chad Henne at QB for half the game, 38-24 over the red-hot Bills.

Did you know, since Mahomes took over as the starting QB of the chiefs, their playoff record is 6-1. And the only loss they’ve suffered was to Tom Brady and the Patriots, in a game, where Dee Ford lined up offsides and destroyed the chiefs chances of winning. Mahomes is a monster, this team is unstoppable. They will roll into rayjay, unphased that they are in Brady’s place, unphased that they’re going up against a guy who is in his 10th super bowl…and they’ll lose. Mahomes wants the torch, he’s earned the torch, but brady isn’t ready to give it up…and when it comes to super bowls, you have to be playing for something extra, some extra juice that keeps you at peak mindset and performance leading up to the game, and then throughout the game…this bucs team appreciates what brady has done for them this year…they’re in their own building…the bucs will play above themselves, they’ll play mistake free, and they will walk out of this game Super Bowl Champions. Bucs +3. Lock it up.

Super Bowl LV - Preview

photo: getty images

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