Leaked Texts Suggest Andrew Luck Returning to the Colts

Andrew Luck surprised everyone when he retired from the NFL suddenly in 2019. Now it's possible he may be making a return. At least that's what is being suggested in a series of text messages posted by a random twitter user. @kareemjumpman claims to have obtained text messages from Andrew Luck's wife saying how much Luck misses playing football. The texts also imply that Luck has set up a meeting with Colts owner Jim Irsay.

“My wife has a mutual friend with Nicole’s best friend which is the wife of Andrew. I think this answers a lot of our questions. This was Sunday or yesterday I’m not sure,” wrote the poster.

Take a look:

With the Colts looking for a quarterback, it would be welcomed news to all Colts fans if Luck were to decide to return.

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