Super Bowl Halftime Show Set To Be 2x Longer Than Usual!

Due to a drop in commercial inventory, there's more time for programming, and I guess since they can't extend the game...they'll be extending the halftime show. And they're doing so by a decent margin.

A typical halftime show is about 12 minutes, the Weeknd's performance is set to be DOUBLE that!

Here's the story I found:

Billboard‘s cover story on The Weeknd ahead of his Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 7 reveals an interesting tidbit about the show:The show is planned to be 24 minutes long — twice as long as any show in the past.

The extra-long run time is possible as Pepsi and Coca-Cola have pulled many of their ads, which usually make up the bulk of Super Bowl programming, and can run a company up to $5 million on average. That’s a lot of money to spend on a 30-second or minute-long clipas the pandemic continues to chew up profits.

Well, hope you like music! I attached a video from the Weeknd to prepare you.

Los Angeles Premiere of "Uncut Gems"

photo: getty images

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