Will the Real Tampa Bay Buccaneers Please Stand Up??

Since I moved to Florida, I've tried to do the thing where I adopt the local team. I'm not a believer in having "two favorite teams" so none of these teams could replace MY teams. But if I'm going to live here, I might as well support local businesses right?

I gave the Dolphins a real look 10-15 years ago, yea nahhh.

I said, "Hey Jacksonville is close, let's see what they got?" NOPE!!!

And although I've looked at the Bucs before I never really gave them a chance till they landed Brady. With Brady they brought what looked like a whole new identity to the team and to the city. The problem seems to be, they did just that...

The didn't REPLACE the Bucs identity. They just added some Brady to it, and that doesn't work.

Every Bucs game I've watched feels like I'm watching a different team. Each week, I'm faced with a whole new identity (It wasn't me, it was Patricia) I don't know what the reason is. I don't know why we're seeing so many different personalities creep up into this team, but we are. One week they look like they have adopted the personality of Tom Brady and they work like a well oiled machine.

The next week they look like many teams we've watched Bruce Arians coach... decent but not magnificent.

Then still other days, we watch the Bucs team we've gotten used to seeing. TURRIBLE (Charles Barkley voice)

I don't know what the Bucs are going to do, but for the sake of their season, they need to pick a personality and stick with it.

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