So Is the Draft Over Yet??

I believe there are a LOT of people like me, where the NBA Draft is still an awesome and amazing feat, but it just doesn't hold the same excitement it used to. Yes, I'm sure it's somewhat COVID related. But in all seriousness, with big time draft superstars needing 3-4 years to still figure out how to play NBA basketball it kind of loses it's luster for me.

I know it's because they only spend one year in college and then have to come learn to play team ball again. But it's gotten me to the point where I really care much more about trade deals and deadlines, than I do the NBA Draft anymore.

So tonight, I'll watch and listen on 96.9 FM and I'll google the name of the player the Magic pick at #15 - LOL and then I'll do what fans do, and convince myself that this is going to make a BIG difference in our team in the upcoming years. But what I really want is for the #Magic to pull off a huge, blockbuster, "nobody saw that coming" trade and bulldoze their way through the Eastern Conference this season!

See you tonight! #GoMagic

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