Should the Magic Trade Aaron Gordon to Move Up in the Draft?

Aaron Gordon has been a fan favorite in Orlando for years. He's the uncrowned dunk king, the shade throwing rapper, he also happens to be a stingy defender. He's not problematic and we as fans love watching him play, but he's not the superstar we thought he might grow into.

Nice players get traded and that might be what happens with Aaron Gordon.

The Magic sit in the 15th spot in the draft, a virtual no mans land for the NBA. Not high enough to get what feels like a for sure stud, but not low enough to say, "I don't care about the draft, I almost won the NBA Finals." Sure, lots of people have been drafted around this spot and turned out to be bona fide superstars, *cough* *cough* Giannis, but moving up guarantees options for the Magic.

Looking at last year's draft, there was a guy a lot of fans wanted the Magic to get in Tyler Herro but guess what, he wasn't there when their number came. Moving up fixes that, obviously. Which is better, going with what you know you have and hoping for an unfound gem or risking it for something even better? That is the question at hand for the Magic. What say you?

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