LaMelo Ball Has More Social Influence Than The Top NBA Teams

Is this relevant?

Reports say LaMelo Ball’s people have been handing out a binder to teams, detailing his social media influence, and based on this report from back in August, they might have a point.

You figure, he's like looking @ Minnesota, Golden State, Charlotte, Chicago, or Cleveland as his potential landing spots in the top 5. 4 out of 5 of those teams are completely irrelevant, on the court or otherwise. He could bring talent on the court and in the world of marketing. Read below and decide for yourself if its all bologna.

“On Instagram, LaMelo averages 638,388 likes and 3,666 comments with a 10.50% engagement rate per post, according to the Phlanx Instagram engagement calculator, adding around 50,000 followers per month. The NBA team with the highest social media engagement online, the Lakers, averages 159,553 likes and 822 comments with a 1.09% engagement rate.”

His following dwarfs that of even NBA players likeTrae Young(2.9 million),Zion Williamson(5.1 million) orJimmy Butler(5.0 million) and rivals that of even someone like Anthony Davis (6.0 million).


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