Kravitz's Updated NFL MVP Rankings: Week 10 Edition!

Every Monday, I give you my MySpace top 8 MVP’s on the season, let’s keep the list current/up-to-date…here we go!

Recap Week 9: 8- DK Metcalf/Davante Adams- 7- Josh Allen- 6- Aaron Rodgers- 5- Alvin Kamara- 4- Pat Mahomes- 3- Dalvin Cook- 2- Kyler Murray- 1! Russell Wilson

Off the list: DK Metcalf, Davante Adams

Week 10:

8- Xavien Howard- The real secret behind the success of the Miami Dolphins is their secondary, and Howard is the key to it all. He is #2 in the NFL in INT’s, and routinely shuts down the best opposing WR for whoever they’re facing. Keep in mind, they just played the Chargers and Justin Herbert who make a habit of getting big chunk plays in the pass game, 1 catch over 25 yards vs Miami.

7- Josh Allen- Look, he did what he had to do vs Arizona, it’s not his fault his DB’s don’t know how to knock down a hail mary. We’d feel different about Allen today if the Cards don’t convert that improbable finish. Leads the league in pass yards, 6th in TD’s. 3rd best record in the AFC.

6- Aaron Rodgers-The elements don’t phase Rodgers! Bad weather, no problem. 3 total TD’s vs the Jags, he now has 7 games with 3 touchdowns or more this season.

5- Dalvin Cook- We’ll see him on display against a tough Bears D tonight but this dude has been on another planet. He’s #2 in the NFL in rush yards but with 57 less carries on the season than Derrick Henry and has 100 more receiving yards than Henry as well.

4- Pat Mahomes- Bye week. No new info, but we have so much exciting play at the QB position in the NFL, Mahomes is somehow flying under the radar. Not for me, he’s the best thing going in the NFL, and he still has the offense in cruise control.

3- Alvin Kamara- The Saints used 3 different QB’s yesterday and still won 27-13. Kamara has been converted to a WR and oh, by the way, he’s one of the most effective in the NFL. Another team leading performance, 7 catches for 83 yards and a score. Without him, their offense would come to a screeching halt.

2- Russell Wilson- Not pleased with what I’m seeing from Wilson! No TD’s, 3 turnovers, and his offense only put up 16 points vs the Rams. This is now the 2nd game in a row with multiple turnovers and he now has 7 INT’s in the last 4 games. Superman has his limits.

Number 1!- Kyler Murray- Back to the top! Hail Murray, Murray Magic! What can’t this guy do? He’s Barry Sanders with an arm (I kid, sort of). What he’s doing with this Cardinals team is phenomenal and he deserves this top spot.

Buffalo Bills v Arizona Cardinals

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