Are You Still Watching Sports This Week(end)?

With all the election madness, it's been SUPER easy to get caught up in this new exciting drama 2020 is providing us. We all love drama. Whether your team is winning, or behind, most of America has been glued to the TVs trying to get to the finish line.

But sports are still happening? And I've got to ask the question, are you still watching?

I know personally, I had friends who skipped Thursday Night Football to see if we would get a president last night. Other people flipped back and forth, when normally they would've just settled into NFL football and called it a night.

Now of course over the weekend, people will tune back in. At least we expect them to. But is it possible that we'll see a dip in rating due to drama fatigue? I doubt it.

But instead of making assumptions, I figured I'd ask. Are you burned out from all this election talk? Will you be using weekend sports as a escape, or do you need an escape altogether and gonna find yourself walking along the beach?

I would say hopefully life will get back to normal, but it's 2020 and there's no such thing. So with that, I'll say... don't worry 2020 is almost over!


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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