Are You a Hater, or Are You Just Rooting for the Underdog?

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So I caught myself rooting for the Giants lasts night. Not like, just excited about a good game, I was legit shouting at the TV for the Giants... WHYYYY was I doing this. So it made me wonder... Am I a hater? Like seriously? Me?

I had to look back on my past. If I'm not rooting for my team, I rooting for one of two teams. The team I need to lose in order for my team to do better. Orrrr, the team that ISN'T the one everyone else is rooting for. I tend to go against the grain. Often just because.

For no real reason, I have routinely picked the team opposite of the team everyone else likes, JUST BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE LIKES THEM!! No other reason. So then I had to ask, does that make me a hater?

For those of you that follow suit, are you a hater? Or, is it possible that we are just rooting for the underdogs. We want to see the little guy win. We want the team with the least possible chance, show the world they are here and they are to be taken seriously.

That's the one I'm going with. We're not haters. I'm not a hater. I'm rooting for underdogs!!

What do you think? Am I a hater or nahh?

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