Kravitz's Updates NFL MVP Rankings: Week 8 Edition!

RECAP WEEK 7: 8- Justin Herbert- 7- Ryan Tannehill- 6- Devin White- 5- Alvin Kamara- 4- Aaron Rodgers- 3- Tom Brady 2- Russell Wilson- 1! Kyler Murray

Off the list this week: Herbert, Tannehill, Devin White.

8- Dalvin Cook- 30 carries 163 on the ground, led the team with 63 receiving yards, 4 total TD’s. This dude has been a beast when he’s on the field, and despite the fact that he missed the team’s last game, and the Vikings have already had their bye…he’s still 2nd in the league in rushing yards!

7- Pat Mahomes- I’m sensing a trend, it seems like whoever plays the Jets ends up on my MVP list the next day…oh well, let’s keep the trend going. 416 yards passing, 5 TD’s, Mahomes is in cruise control this season, and he still looks like he plays on a different level than just about everyone else. More dominance like this, and he’s sure to climb my list…and list he hasn’t yet cracked the top 5 of yet this season.

6- Aaron Rodgers- Another bad day for the Packers, it becomes increasingly tough to leave him on this list when his team plays as poorly as they did this weekend. That’s 2 laid-eggs for Rodgers and the Packers this year, but it’s his other performances that leave him inside the top 8. Be careful Rodgers, you are about to drop like weight after the holidays. (To his credit: Still tossed 3 TD's)

5- DK Metcalf- This man can’t be covered. From not on the list, zooming up to the 5-spot, DK can be ignored no more. A career high in catches (12) and yards (161), DK Metcalf is part of the reason why Russell Wilson looks to have a date with MVP destiny.

4- Kyler Murray- Didn’t play this week, can’t dock him too much, but he does slide from #1 to #4 because of elite performances around him. Murray has a chance to get back into the top 3 with a solid outing vs the Phins next week.

3- Alvin Kamara- No Michael Thomas…or anyone else for that matter, no problem! Just another week where he leads his team in rushing and receiving (3RD time he’s done that this season). 163 total yards, 9 catches, this guy is keeping the Saints and old-man Brees afloat in the NFC. (According to ESPN Stats & Info: Alvin Kamara now has 55 Rec and 556 Rec yds, they are the most rec by RB in 1st 7 Team Games in NFL History.

2- Tom Brady- I know he hasn’t played yet…but it’s the Giants, so I’m just trying to get ahead of things. Plus, he’s housing Antonio Brown…what a teammate.

Number 1! Russell Wilson- I moved him out of the top spot for the shock value of it last week, now, it would just be stupid. Anyone who doesn’t have Russ as their MVP after week 8 should be deleted from the internet. He is currently on pace for 59.2 touchdowns this year, the record is 55.

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

photo: getty images

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