Ryan Tannehill's Success is EMBARASSING to the Dolphins and Adam Gase

I miss Ryan Tannehill jokes. I remember when we would talk about bad quarterbacks and it would always get back to "well at least he isn't Ryan Tannehill!"

Clearly, he wasn't the problem.

During his time with the Dolphins, Tannehill went 42-46 with over 20,000 yards passing and over 120 touchdowns in six seasons. The best the Dolphins ever did was go 10-6, 8-5 with Tannehill. Other than that, it was 8-8 or worse.

Now with the Titans, Tannehill is a revelation! Taking them to new heights with a Mack Truck for a running back. With every touchdown pass, every Titans win, Tannehill can look at the floundering Dolphins and Adam Gase's horrific run in New York and smile.

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