Dan Mullen Sticking with "Pack the Swamp" is Mind Numbingly Infuriating

It is not often that I get much out of press conferences. Whether it's the coach saying the most cliche thing about how they need to work hard and get ready for the next game or they get asked about left tackle with a good story blah, blah, blah. At best you get a rant from someone that turns into audio gold like Jim Mora's "Playoffs?!" but at worst you get what we saw yesterday from Dan Mullen.

After Saturday's loss to Texas A&M, tensions were high. Anyone would be emotional after a hard fought, one possession game, but Mullen decided to say that he wants to "pack the Swamp" during a global pandemic.

Even after his first remark, our very own Mike Bianchi gave him a chance to save face and say something like "safety should come first" or "I trust the CDC guidelines." Instead, he doubled down and said that our government officials say it's ok so let's pack it to the gills.

Surely he would back down from those comments after a couple days, especially when the UF President shot down that idea on Twitter.

He did not.

You want to know why Facebook arguments are so angering? It's because you hear the other person being tone deaf and plain wrong, but they can't see it themselves. Dan Mullen's first couple minutes of his 30 minute press conference was a live Facebook comments argument. It is clear that Mullen does not think that he is wrong and he is blindly following what the Florida government says about the pandemic. We definitely know that they handled this situation perfectly.

Dan, for the love of all that is holy, you were wrong. Admit that you made a mistake, accept that the Swamp will have 17,000 fans, and focus on fixing your defense. That's your biggest problem right now.

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