"It's Very Concerning" - @CindyBoren on Latest Barrage of Positive Tests

The Tennessee Titans continue to pump out positive coronavirus tests as their total number is now up to 20 total players and team personnel members and now you have a couple of stars on the Patriots in Cam Newton and Stephon Gillmore testing positive among some other lesser known players throughout the league.

Cindy Boren says these positive tests are very concerning for the league, especially when you have Titans players gathering at an Academy to workout one day after their team facility was closed because of the positive tests.

She also explains that the way the schedule is set up the NFL does have the flexibility to move the schedule around if they have to.

"There is flexibility built into the schedule. If it were widespread, and there's no indication it is, the league could say, 'We're going to close down for two or three weeks.' They really don't want to do that."

Listen to the podcast with Cindy Boren below.


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