Did Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Flush the Toilet During SEC Teleconference?

We've all been there during this pandemic. Maybe you were in the nude sipping wine when the boss asked for webcams to be on during a zoom meeting or maybe you were caught walking by on your spouse's zoom call.

Or maybe you took the meeting to the bathroom and forgot to mute the microphone.

That is what possibly happened to Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin. Kiffin was on the SEC Teleconference when he was called upon to answer questions from the press. There was some rumbling and then when prompted a second time, Kiffin started giving his opening statement. It went like this:

“A challenge playing a really good team, very physical and runs the ball really well and played great defense last year and in the first game and limited explosive plays ***FLUSH*** as a team, so a lot at stake here. Need to play well.”

You can hear the audio by CLICKING HERE, where it is saved on a Kentucky Sports website.

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